Waiting and staying in shape

I am all in at the moment. The last few days I have been on the bike nearly all day. I'm putting in up to 180 kilometers on such a work day. Unfortunately I have to go it alone due to the "social distancing" restrictions. But I don't want to take any risks, obey the rules and am happy that I see so many other cyclists on the road during my training rides.

I think that I have kept my good form and I am convinced that I can keep it that way for a longer time. I will just have to train harder. You can see that I am dealing fully with this situation. You could say I am simply repeating the winter build-up phase. After all, from October to February is also a few months to go without racing. Nevertheless I am looking forward to starting again, whenever that may be. Stay strong, and many greetings from Switzerland! Yours, Maximilian.

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